Misalignment of life: L.N.C.C. no. 12


Hey flock! Welcome to Late Night Cafe Chat number 12.

Tonight’s song is “Adagio for Strings” remixed by William Orbit:

Tonight’s topic: the misalignment of life.

Everyone understands misalignment: nothing ever quite goes the way it should, when it should. Quiet reprieves are interrupted by calamity, and busy moments always compound.

Life does not run smoothly. Life, in fact, is one of the most dysfunctional machines to exist.

Some of us deal with is better than others. Some of us thrive in the chaos of existence, while others crumple into a heap.

Personally, I believe that the highs are worth the lows. It’s not the bad that’s painful: it’s the misaligned. When the many gears in your life refuse to line up, existence can be brutal.

Of course, when the gears do align, it’s spectacular.

-Sheepie ❤

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