Sleep (and lack thereof): L.N.C.C. 

Hey flock! Welcome to Late Night Cafe Chat number whatever: I'm done numbering these. Tonight's song is "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" by the Beastie Boys: Tonight's topic: lack of sleep. I'm actually writing this chat right before the 1am deadline, which means I'm actually awake for my own blog post. Life is keeping me … Continue reading Sleep (and lack thereof): L.N.C.C. 

Misalignment of life: L.N.C.C. no. 12

Hey flock! Welcome to Late Night Cafe Chat number 12. Tonight's song is "Adagio for Strings" remixed by William Orbit: Tonight's topic: the misalignment of life. Everyone understands misalignment: nothing ever quite goes the way it should, when it should. Quiet reprieves are interrupted by calamity, and busy moments always compound. Life does not run … Continue reading Misalignment of life: L.N.C.C. no. 12

Travelling: L.N.C.C. no. 7

Welcome to Late Night Cafe Chat number 7. Tonight's song is "Midnight City" by M83: Tonight's topic is travelling. Living in Niagara Falls, I am totally immersed in vacation attitude. When you're a historic destination for tourists, you naturally master vacations. There's many reasons to vacation. Some people do it to escape work and life. … Continue reading Travelling: L.N.C.C. no. 7

Robot Uprising: L.N.C.C. no. 5

Hi flock! Welcome to Late Night Cafe Chat number 5!  (FIVE!!!!) Tonight's song is "Major Tom" as covered by Shiny Toy Guns: Tonight's topic: Artificial Intelligence There was a fantastic article in AdvertisingAge discussing five jobs that are going to disappear due to artificial intelligence and automation. I'm not going to spoil it for you, just … Continue reading Robot Uprising: L.N.C.C. no. 5

Blogging about blogging: L.N.C.C. no.4

Hi flock! Welcome to Late Night Cafe Chat number 4. Tonight's song is "Stars" by t.A.T.u.: Tonight's topic: blogging. Modern blogging has changed dramatically from the old days of web logs. Due to over-saturation, blogs have to do all they can to remain relevant to an audience. Needless to say, blogging has gotten a whole … Continue reading Blogging about blogging: L.N.C.C. no.4