Hershey’s Gourmet Filled Muffin Review

iphone 244

This week we’re reviewing the Hershey’s Gourmet Filled Muffin.

This is a chocolate muffin, filled with chocolate fudge, topped with chocolate icing and chocolate/white chocolate chips.

This is a horribly sweet muffin.

Now, real talk: I ate this one immediately after the Reese’s Muffin I review last week. I only finished it so I could write this review.

If you’re a fan of chocolate, you’ll probably love this. If you have a limit on how sweet you can take something, run away from this.

The filling is sweet to the point of throat-closing. The muffin is the same moist cake from the Reese’s Muffin, but the absurd amount of chocolate coating it just makes it insanely sweet.

You might be better off having a chocolate cake, as the Hershey’s Gourmet Filled Muffin is desperately trying to be that, and is overshooting.

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