The Great Niagara Falls (Almost) Eclipse

The Great American Eclipse is finally over, and it was…something for me to do to waste an afternoon.

Niagara Falls was not in the line of totality (although it will be in 2024). Instead, we had a partial eclipse: weird, but not terrifying.

Okay, it was actually really cool.

I never expected to see a crescent sun, but I did! I was even smart enough to grab my camera and snap a series of pictures.

You can watch the Niagara Falls Eclipse in GIF form below: (7)

The photos do not do it justice: the glowing red sliver of sun was too bright for my camera, even with all the added sun lenses!

This was definitely a great experience, and I’m sure all of us in Western New York are looking forward to the 2024 Total Eclipse.

-Sheepie ❤

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