How you can become a member of Gary’s Hug Club (like me!)

Hey flock!
I finally caved and became a member of Gary’s Hug Club: a club I’ve been wanting to join for several months now.

For fellow Americans (or Canadians over the age of 5), Gary’s Hug Club is run by Gary the Unicorn of the CBC’s Studio K Show.
Here’s a video of Gary hugging political heartthrob/Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
So, what did I have to do to join Gary’s Hug Club? 
The process is actually really simple. All you have to do is go to the CBC Kids website page for the “Frequent Hugger Card.”

Follow the instructions to print out your cards (which come with your membership badge), cut them out, and you’re part of Gary’s Hug Club!


I laminated my member card since this is the greatest club this sheep has ever joined, but that step is completely optional.

I sure do hope you consider joining Gary’s Hug Club: I think we can all use a bit more unicorn happiness in our lives.

-Sheepie ❤

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