Athena’s Fish Fry Review

If you ask me where the best fish fry in Western New York is, I would answer with one name: Athena’s

Athena’s Family Restaurant in Tonawanda is awesome, and their fish fry is flawless.

The fish is a breaded piece of wonderful roughly the size of your head. It’s perfectly flaky, and simply incredible.

The fish fry also comes with fries, rice or Greek Potatoes if you’re feeling adventurous, as well as always coming with coleslaw and macaroni salad.

Did I mention this was my favorite fish fry? This is my favorite fish fry.

Athena’s Family Restaurant is located on 729 Young Street, Tonawanda, NY.

3 thoughts on “Athena’s Fish Fry Review

  1. carol says:

    Fish is very good but if your taking it to check you bags they forget to give half of your order, it happens every time, even if there not busy


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