Grande Kaffe World of Flavors Maple Nut Crunch coffee review

Flock, I’ve been searching far and wide for a good cup of maple flavored coffee. I have tried numerous brutal excuses for maple coffee, but the aroma of Grand Kaffe Maple Nut Crunch had me convinced I found the holy grail.

Until I brewed it.

Note that I brew my coffee in a Keurig converter cup, which hardcore coffee drinkers will cringe over. I also drink my coffee black, which bothers everyone I know.

This coffee has a fantastic maple nut aroma out of the bag. It’s enticing: it reminds me of breakfast.

It does not have that scent after brewing.

After a run through the Keurig, the coffee smells like a burnt diner. Any scent of anything other than strong coffee evaporates.

The flavor is nonexistent. Without even a scent to provide some profile, the coffee just tastes like slightly-off home coffee. You can definitely taste something, but it’s not really a discernible flavor.

I give this coffee a hard pass.


-Sheepie ❤

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