Cutting Cords: Niagara Falls gets Free Downtown Wifi

Downtown Niagara Falls is jumping into the digital age with the inclusion of free public wifi.

A collaboration between everyone from Niagara University to Thurman Thomas (seriously!) has allowed for free wifi available to everyone in the downtown corridor.

This is a seriously awesome move for Niagara Falls. With the promixity to the Canadian border, data roaming is a constant problem. By providing free wifi, Niagara Falls can now encourage tourists to search for just about everything in the Niagara Region. 

The wifi can also be used to send emergency messages if needed, which is a great addition to public safety.

I tested out the wifi during the unveiling today, and I can assure you that the speed is solid. I’ll definitely be on when I’m downtown (and you know I love downtown).

So, if you’re strolling along Old Falls Street, make sure you look up “Niagara Free Wifi”.
-Sheepie ❤

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