So long, WNIA


Well flock, this is it: I’m graduating.

I’m currently sitting in the corner of the WNIA production studio, wearing a one-size-too-big hoodie because I’m freezing my wool off in here, and listening to Kmart Muzak as I write this.

It’s a sort of bookend in a way: I actually started this blog in this exact same room, listening to this exact same Muzak tape, also freezing to death.

I’m not super emotional about graduating. I live in Niagara Falls: it’s not like I’m traveling to a far-off land away from my Alma Mater. That being said, I’m feeling sentimental about WNIA.

Pretty much all of this came out of this radio station. This ol’ cartoon sheep here owes this place a lot. You wouldn’t have probably seen me had it not been for some Niagara-centric shows on the station.

A lot of memories have been made in this studio. My friend nearly knocking the door off its hinges when we got locked out, the basketball net that has been re-taped together about a hundred times, the time my face was painted over the studio window: I had a blast.

As much as this little online radio station has given me the world, I like to think that maybe I left a little impression. I had a (short-lived) late night music show last year, I’ve become the notorious ghost of the station, and I even had the honor of signing the “W” that now hangs from the studio wall.


So, thanks W. Thank you for four years of fun, and a lifetime of memories.


-Sheepie ❤

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