The Summit Park Mall is officially dead


Well, it’s time to eat my words.

The Summit Park Mall Sears, the one that I repeatedly lauded as the one to never close, is closing.

That’s right, the Summit Park Sears is slated to close.

With the Summit Park Bon-Ton closing with the rest of them, there are now zero remaining businesses in the Summit Park Mall.

Meanwhile, it seems that the stalled sportsplex project is now indefinitely off the table. Unconfirmed rumors (which I hate posting, but will anyway because somebody needs to say it) suggest that the underground electrical line behind the mall is too costly to move, and has crippled the project.

The brewery is still in a weird limbo. Equipment is apparently ordered, but there has been no construction on the site.

It seems as if the grand dreams of reviving the Summit Park Mall are, at least for now, staying dreams.


-Sheepie ❤

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