The Last Time I Was in Canada


Flock, let’s be real here: I have not been to Canada since 2005.

Yes, those tickets in the picture above are all genuine artifacts from my last visit to our Neighbors to the North. Now, this would be completely normal if I lived far-off from the border. What makes this absolutely ridiculous to everyone that I know is that I actually live close to the border.

In fact, I live well within a 5-mile radius of the Canadian border line. I even have an enhanced license so I can cross without a passport. Yet, the last time I stepped foot on Canadian soil was August 25, 2005.

The last time I was in Canada, it was called “Paramount” Canada’s Wonderland. I saw School of Rock live, and it was boring.

I had much more fun at the Ontario Science Centre, which had an entire exhibit on Crystal Beach. On top of all of this, there was an awesome climate change show with SHEEP! (You can thank Canada for Sheepie, apparently).

Then, I was cheering on the despicable Green Knight at Medieval Times in Toronto. He didn’t win, but it was fun!

The next day, we went down to Niagara Falls, Ontario, and did all the touristy things on Clifton Hill. We went to Ripley’s Believe It or Not, where I remember there being a bust of Ripley made by a blind man. We went to the Hershey store (which I loved so much). We even went up to the top of the Skylon Tower, which terrified me (still not good with heights).

Come to think of it…I probably should go back to Canada! It’s not like I’ve been avoiding it: my old college’s trip to Toronto was cancelled twice, and I don’t really drink (the drinking age in Canada is 19), so I just never really had a reason to go. I have a hunch that I’ll be back in the Great White North soon enough…stay tuned!


-Sheepie ❤


2 thoughts on “The Last Time I Was in Canada

  1. Ben says:

    Go! It’s so much fun. Niagara on the Lake, Ontario blows Lewiston, NY out of the water in terms of charm and quaintness, in my opinion. There are lots of shops, cafes, etc. And even if you don’t really drink, you still might enjoy the wineries just north of there. They’re gorgeous. And then, of course, there’s Toronto. So much to do and see.


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