Shopper’s Paradise: The Updated Target of Niagara Falls

Flock, if you’ve spent any sort of time reading my blog, you know that I love  shopping. I’m also one of those Target people: I’ve been shopping at Target since before I could walk.

The Niagara Falls Target recently unveiled its new renovations, and it is stunning.


The oddball super-white Apple Store vibe is gone, replaced by a more Millennial-friendly chic vibe. The snack bar finally bit the bullet, and has been replaced by Starbucks.


My bias toward the refurb probably comes from the fact that there was an entire Harry Potter themed section as soon as I walked in, and the mannequins were repping the best house.


The entire store is beginning to look more high-scale. There’s a heavier push for their fancier lines that they’ve brought in, and everything feels a bit more Targét than before.


Target themselves have been pushing their updated grocery area, which basically just looks like a quirky Whole Foods. The area was surprisingly dark, which felt odd for grocery shopping.


The cosmetics section also got a new look, and has been moved to the front of the store where pet supplies used to be (what brilliant person thought pet supplies should be in the front is beyond me, but I’m happy they pushed that back.)


All in all, I’m really feeling the vibe at the new Target. It’s modern, but still has that indescribable quality that only a Target can have.


-Sheepie ❤

One thought on “Shopper’s Paradise: The Updated Target of Niagara Falls

  1. Ben says:

    I love the grocery department in the new Target. If you haven’t done so already, Google “Most popular food items at Target.” There are some really awesome finds. Some of the Asian condiments, Indian simmer sauces, and Japanese Carrot Ginger salad dressing are among my favorites. Also, some interesting cake and cookie mixes.


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