The quirks of blogging

Flock, I know I’ve been pretty quiet the last couple of months. My new job is, well, work. And trust me: there’s a lot that I could be writing about (my apologies to NFCD for missing the entirety of Summer In Your City).

Of course, it is easy to be lazy when I’m exceeding my daily views over last year because of my Olive Garden Mushroom Sauce Review. This review has been giving me double-digit views every day since late-April, and I really don’t know what to do with that info.

This does provide a good opportunity to show something: the top stuff on my blog has nothing to do with Niagara Falls. Let’s take a look:

top 10

Okay, so for all-time views (since December 2016 when I started the blog) The Olive Garden review is number one. My home page is number two. That means that the filler review I wrote last October surpassed (quite significantly) the main page of my entire website.

A review for Trader Joe’s mushroom ravioli is in third, making me think I should just change the name of the site to “Mushroom Food Reviews.” It makes no sense.

In fourth is a review written by my friend Zack, proving that he even beats me in views on my own website. What the heck?

Rounding out the top five is my review of Javier Ávila’s one-man show (and I still have that signed book from him).

Luckily, Niagara Falls finally shows up at number six, with the Niagara Wax Museum. The hard-hitting math of Niagara’s (somewhat overblown) crime problem was syndicated, so it probably has more views on other websites. We have another food review, but come back with another piece on mayoral salary, and a completely wrong article on Sears that I am currently eating for breakfast.

So, I hope you enjoy this little insight into how truly random your tastes are.


-Sheepie ❤

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