Nonno’s Pizza Review: Eastern Hills Mall


Sheepie’s back at it again with the random food reviews, flock!

I had to head over to Transit to get the oil changed in my truck last week. Having left my house a full two-hours before my appointment like an goofball, I had a lot of time to kill. So naturally, I went to the Eastern Hills Mall.

As I was walking about, my cookie breakfast was beginning to fail me, so I made a beeline for the food court. I was sort of feeling pizza, so I thought I’d try Nonno’s.

Side note: there is both a Nonno’s Pizza and a Nana’s Greek place in the food court, facing each other at opposite ends. I came to the conclusion that The Greek Nana and the Italian Nonno got in a spat, and now spend all their time on either end of the Thanksgiving food court table.

The man working there was instantly likable, and showed off his top pizza picks. He talked me into buying two slices: a chicken-bacon-ranch and a chicken-mac’n’cheese with hot sauce. I agreed. He started cutting the slices, and I learned what I had signed myself up for.

These slices are huge! One slice is enough for a very hungry person, and I had two!

I ate the chicken bacon ranch slice first, which surprisingly hit the spot. It was the kind of crazy concoction that just works. But the chicken mac’n’cheese pizza…WOW. That one was awesome. It stopped my heart a couple of times since it was my second slice, but it was awesome. It really made my day: sitting in the quiet Eastern Hills, eating wild pizza.

Of course, the Eastern Hills Mall’s days are numbered, but that’s a story for a different day.


-Sheepie ❤

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