Rainbow Centre: The Opening Day Brochure

Flock, you know how much I love the old Rainbow Centre, right? I’ve spent countless hours scouring its remnants: from elevators to holes in the wall, I’ve seen it all.

This is as abandoned as abandoned gets.

Well, Christmas came along, and Santa delivered me something amazing, and I think it’s finally time I show it off: the original brochure for Opening Day at the Rainbow Center.

Click on the gallery images above to explore the opening day brochure.

This is the actual brochure handed out to announce the July 2, 1982 opening of the Rainbow Centre. The fact that the mall was still under development is clear from the design. Generic photos and vague descriptions surround an architectural drawing of the mall center. The only thing that appears to have been confirmed from the get-go is that Beir’s department store was the main anchor.

The rainbow motif is thoroughly used in this brochure, culminating with the most dramatic closing line ever: “Come and see Rainbow Centre’s colors explode begining July 2, 1982.”

This brochure practically screams early 80s. I’m getting a The Last Unicorn vibe from it (which oddly enough also came out in 1982). I absolutely adore the concept art: if a mall existed like that, I would never leave

Do you have fond memories of the Rainbow Centre? I would love to hear what your favorite store was, or any whacky antics you had in its heyday.


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