Let’s Talk About the Niagara Falls Mayoral Candidates, Shall We?

It’s Niagara Falls mayoral election season, flock. This year’s election is a big one: with current Mayor Paul Dyster not seeking reelection after three terms, the highest position in the city is up for grabs.

As of writing, there are three main candidates seeking to be the face of Niagara. These two Democrats and one Republican are familiar faces in the local political landscape, and each one has specific views on how to make the Falls a better place.

Displayed here as three horribly-sketched office scraps.

Before we take a look at the candidates, just a few notes. While I attempt to be unbiased in my description, I am one singular person with a distinct viewpoint. I encourage you to do your own research: please don’t take what a Reporter or a Sheep-Blogger says as law. This is the future of your city, and in elections like these, your votes have tremendous impact.

Now, let’s take a look at our field!

Seth Piccirillo

Seth made waves last year when he became the first person to announce he was running for mayor. As the current head of Community Development, Seth’s track record includes improvements to various city parks, as well as implementation of community-voted projects (Participatory Budgeting).

Campaign-wise, Seth is embracing a modern style. He makes it clear that “We” are running for mayor: putting the focus on what we can all do to collectively restore Niagara Falls. Seth is also not afraid to fire some interesting shots, including a demand that the State government share a portion of parking revenue made in the Falls. Other campaign goals are to focus taxes on land value instead of home and business, as well as strengthening community interaction and participation. This interaction can be highlighted through a city-wide 3-1-1 system for residents to contact the city for information and issues. Seth also isn’t afraid to embrace his critics: his social media heavy campaign opens up dialog to Niagara Falls, and allows for genuine discourse on the state of the city.

More on Seth’s campaign can be found here.

Robert Restaino

Lawyer, former judge, and Niagara Falls School Board President Robert Restaino is recognizable across the Falls. Robert hopes that he can become a mayor that goes above the perceived pettiness and arguing plaguing regional politics.

Robert’s campaign is light on social media, instead focusing on getting his message across through traditional means. Campaign goals focus on increasing cooperation with the Cataract City’s neighbors throughout the county: something which has been difficult over the years. Robert also wants to attract business to Niagara Falls through land banking, and strengthen our personal relationship with the Seneca Nation. Given his career, it makes sense that Robert is pushing to make Niagara Falls safer. While making it clear that Niagara Falls is not as dangerous as others will make you think, Robert wants to push for an overall improvement in the quality of life for residents.

More on Robert’s campaign can be found here.

Glenn Choolokian

Our final candidate to announce is Glenn Choolokian. As a former City Councilman, Glenn understands the inner workings of Niagara Falls government, and is hoping to get his chance at the Mayor’s seat.

Glenn’s campaign paints him as genuine both on and offline. The Democrat-turned-Republican’s campaign goals are straightforward, primarily focusing on finance and crime. These goals include increasing the number of police on the streets, eliminating wasteful spending of taxpayer and casino revenue, and improve residential services. Glenn also wants to increase demolition of derelict properties, and market Niagara Falls’ living wage jobs. Glenn also states that he will make a mayoral hotline where residents can directly contact him.

More on Glenn’s Campaign can be found here.

This election is crucial to the future of Niagara Falls. Please go out and vote in the Primaries on TUESDAY, JUNE 25. and on Election Day on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5.


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