Carrot Cake Oreo Review

Flock, last week I reviewed the best Oreo ever made: the Dark Chocolate Oreo. It’s only natural that we try their other new flavor: carrot cake.

This should be interesting

Real talk: I love carrot cake. I really do. I also love oatmeal raisin cookies.

Now that I have completely and utterly discredited myself as a reputable food critic, let’s take a look at the Carrot Cake Oreos.

Personally, I do not really get the flavor of carrot cake in these cookies. The cookie part is similar to graham cracker, while the cream seriously tastes like eggnog (which isn’t bad, but isn’t exactly what was advertised). There’s nothing “carrot cake” about these Oreos. They are also fairly sweeter than I’m used to, so one is actually enough.

If you’re a fan of oddly flavored, vaguely noggy sandwich cookies, I’d suggest giving these a try. If not, you do you I guess.

Sheepie ❤

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