Exploring Artpark (and possible nightmares)

Flock, last week, I went with my friends on an impromptu hike around Artpark in Lewiston.

I’ve never actually hiked through Artpark, so the experience was interesting to say the least.

We first went through what my friends called the “Indian Burial Ground”, which opened up quite a few questions for me. (These included, but were not limited to: Why is it called the Indian burial ground? Why are there no notes about it anywhere? Why is everyone acting like goofballs in what should probably be a reverent place?)

Either way, making my way through what I’m going to call the woods (because my questions were never answered), there was some interesting notes to remind you of the “art” part of Artpark.

I thought these wolves were pretty neat.

I also spotted what I’m guessing was some sort of camp, although I refused to get near it (my friends did, and then fled fairly quickly).

After we were done in the woods, it was time to go down to the gorge.

The gorge trail is absolutely amazing, and the landscape is gorgeous. With the lack of leaves, you get a spectacular view of the river and gorge stone.

Of course, my favorite part was seeing the Sir Adam Beck power plant lit up for the evening (I’m a huge nerd).

There was also a mini-waterfall near the bridge, which my one friend absolutely loved.

However, after the sun went down, the gorge got a bit…creepy. Twisted trees, shadowy bridges, strange sounds, and the fact that a river of doom sits below all added to a surreal, slightly nightmarish end.

To top it all of, a now-abandoned art installation at the top of the trail absolutely looks like something out of a horror film.

I loved all of it. The creepiness was perfect, with a light rain starting to fall finishing off the aesthetic.

I will note that Artpark closes at dusk, much like any other park around here. However, it was fairly dark by the time we got back up due to the fact that dusk hit while we were mid-trail. It was still light enough to see by the time we left, but I wouldn’t recommend going down to the gorge any later.

Do you have any interesting Artpark stories, or maybe somewhere you’d like me to explore? Let me know in the comments.

-Sheepie ❤

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