Red Robin Zita’s Chicky ‘Cado Review

Flock, in case you haven’t noticed, avocado is huge right now. We’ve gone beyond the avocado toast era to just pudding avocado on everything. It’s like a cult or something.

That being said, this has resulted in some pretty amazing culinary creations. Red Robin just added a new sandwich to their Burger Master Series: Zita’s Chicky ‘Cado.

This is the avocado chicken sandwich: a grilled chicken breast with with fried avocado, guacamole, jalapeño ranch, provolone cheese, mayo, red onions and shredded lettuce (I opted out of the red onion for my order).

The sandwich’s showstopper is absolutely the fried avocado. It’s absolutely incredible, and adds depth to an already-excellent chicken sandwich.

I also appreciate that this creation was crafted by a real Red Robin chef, Zita Martinez. Chain restaurants that look to their cooks’ specialties to influence their menus is always a bonus.

If you’re on an avocado kick, I definitely suggest going to Red Robin (there’s on on Maple Rd. in Amherst) to pick up Zita’s Chicky ‘Cado. You won’t be disappointed.

-Sheepie ❤

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