Frankie Primo’s +39’s Tagliatelle Funghi Review

Flock, it is no secret that my most popular food review ever is Olive Garden’s Creamy Mushroom Sauce. This is for good reason: it’s a great sauce.

Naturally, when I found myself at an Italian restaurant on Chippewa in the City of Buffalo, there was only one item on the menu that caught my eye.

How did I end up at Frankie Primo’s +39? It’s a long story that’s irrelevant. The only thing I’ll say is that I was the only person (cartoon sheep or otherwise) that could read an Italian Menu.

Obviously, when my eyes stumbled upon “Tagliatelle Funghi”, a pasta with a mushroom sauce, I had to try it.

Behold the real Italian take on mushroom sauce.

This pasta does not skimp on mushrooms: portobello, oyster, porcini and crimini are all blended in a light cream sauce poured over truffle pasta, with Parmesan crumbled over the top. This is the mushroom sauce to end all mushroom sauces.

Is it fair to compare a pasta in a real Italian restaurant to a similar pasta in a chain? Probably not. Olive Garden’s mushroom sauce is a fantastic sauce for a chain, especially for the Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion. Frankie Primo’s tagliatelle funghi is a more serious version of a mushroom sauce, with a more evolved flavor profile. If you find yourself in Buffalo, I recommend dropping by Frankie Primo’s +39 to try out their tagliatelle funghi.

-Sheepie ❤

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