Mo-Jo’s Pies review: Naples Grape Festival

Hey flock! Yesterday, we took a look at Candy’s Country Pies from the Naples Grape Festival. Today, we’re following the tart train to Mo-Jo’s!

While this pie is *technically* Mo-Jo’s, we kept referring to it as the “Jesus is Lord” pie, as the top of every pie box is stamped with the message in all caps.

So, how does the “Jesus is Lord” pie compare?

Mo-Jo's Jesus is Lord grape pie

This pie is actually a very good, well-balanced grape pie. The crust has a good buttery flavor, and while not as flaky as Cindy’s double crust, it’s still great. The filling leans toward tart, without the full-blown tartness of Candy’s country pie. It is a good grape pie.

Mo-Jo’s Grape Pie:
-Buttery Crust
-Tart, but flavorful filling

Mo-Jo’s Pies also doesn’t have a Facebook page (Mo-Jo’s Tacos, which is related to the pies, has a page that hasn’t been updated since 2015). However, the N. Cohocton-based pie maker did leave her number on the pie. If you’re interested in a Mo-Jo pie, they can be contacted at 585-534-9115.

We’re finishing off our pie reviews tomorrow with an award winner, so stay tuned!

-Sheepie ❤

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