Candy’s Country Pies Review: Naples Grape Festival

Hey flock! We’re moving along through our Grape Festival pie reviews. Yesterday, we took a look at Cindy’s Pies, a pie that fell on the sweet end of the spectrum. As promised, here’s a completely different option.

Candy’s Country Grape Pie is the definition of a country pie. There’s no frills with the crust, which still has a nice flavor. If you are a fan of tart pies, this is your pie. This is a very grapey pie: even the skins are in the filling!

Candy's Country Pie grape pie from Naples Grape Festival.

This pie was the most divisive of the four. Since it runs hard into the tart end of things, people that like sweet pies should probably stay away. However, that makes it that much better for those people that just love tart flavors (you know who you are).

Candy’s Country Grape Pie:
-Very Tart
-Simple Crust
-Country kitchen pie

For those tart pie lovers out there, you’ll have to go to the Grape Festival for this one. I have no address and no information for Candy’s Country Pies. Google hasn’t even helped me (Whoever Candy is, if you happen to read this and have contact/order info, please send it my way!).

The pie reviews continue tomorrow, so stay tuned!

-Sheepie ❤

2 thoughts on “Candy’s Country Pies Review: Naples Grape Festival

  1. S.G.Soos-Kazel says:

    Found a Candy’s Country Grape Pie at Powers’s fruit and country market on Marsh Road in Pittsford , NY. 14534. As you reviewed, this pie has a more natural tart grape flavor filling with a delish non greasy flaky crust. Great grape pie which I definitely would purchase again. Label unfortunately did not have an address or phone number for Candy’s Country Pie in Naples.

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