Niagara Life in the 2020s

Sheepie in the 2020s

Hey, flock!

Sorry for not posting since last decade. I’ve been fully basking in the wonder that is the 2020s.

I’ve been ringing in the Nouveau Roaring 20s by spending way too much time (and money) at the Outlets. I just can’t resist sales and Philly Steaks (but more on that in a later post).

Speaking of later posts, I actually have some interesting “projects” in the pipeline for the blog. I’m looking to diversify the posts on the blog a bit, and there’s some really cool places (and people) I wanna share! I also feel like I should probably talk more about, I dunno, being a CARTOON SHEEP living in Niagara Falls? I spent the 2010s sleeping on my hook.

February will also be five years since I first popped up on the net, so I’ll definitely have to write about that! Time goes way too fast, flock.

Well, here’s to the wonder that’s the 2020s. This is the decade: I can feel it!

-Sheepie ❤

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