It’s Niagara Falls’ birthday: how YOU can shape its future

City of Niagara Falls, NY

**Author’s note: One of our readers noted that the survey has closed. This article is now for reference. If you would still like your voice to be heard, you can always write directly to local government and destination management officials.**

Happy birthday, Niagara Falls!

That’s right: the city of Niagara Falls, NY turns 128 years young today. It’s been an interesting ride for the city behind one of the wonders of the world.

Now, Niagara Falls’ 128th birthday is a very important one, flock (possibly even more important that its 125th back in 2017). Why? Because of you!

This year, USA Niagara Development Corporation (the regional subsidiary of Empire State Development), is looking at strategies to help boost downtown Niagara Falls, including ideas for new developments. The amazing part of this is that they are turning the focus toward resident experiences (which we know has not always been the case in urban development).

In order to achieve this, USA Niagara is looking for direct resident feedback via an online survey. The survey only takes a few minutes (I filled it out myself when it first came out), but is filled with some great details for resident input.

At this point I could keep excitedly telling you about the survey, but I think I’ll share what USA Niagara Development sent over instead:

USA Niagara Development Corporation, a subsidiary of Empire State Development, is developing analysis and tools to inform a development strategy in Downtown Niagara Falls. The strategy will serve as a guide to attract new investment to Niagara Falls, facilitate further infill development toward a more vibrant downtown neighborhood, enhance economic opportunities for local businesses and residents, further improve visitor and resident experiences, and foster additional and better connectivity with Niagara Falls State Park, and through it to the Upper Niagara River and the Niagara Gorge. USA Niagara intends to complete the project by late spring 2020.
The public is encouraged to share their thoughts about the future of Downtown Niagara Falls. A short online survey can be taken at The feedback gathered from these public engagement activities, including the survey, will inform USA Niagara’s work as they develop the recently acquired properties.
To learn more about the project, people can contact Paul Ray, Senior Project Manager with the USA Niagara Development Corporation at

You already know how passionate I am about the future of Niagara Falls, and seeing USA Niagara show a vested interest in working with residents to find the right fit really is awesome.

So give the City of Niagara Falls a birthday present for its future, and voice your ideas for the Cataract City.

-Sheepie ❤

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