My First Post-COVID “Concert”

Hey flock!

With New York pandemic restrictions finally easing up, I’ve been starting to dip my toes back in the event pool.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m being as cautious as ever. Social distancing and wearing a mask is critical to keeping things open, and you know that I’m doing my part.

Yesterday, Ellis (who you might remember from my Pandemic St. Patrick’s Day Post) really wanted to go up to Youngstown for a “concert” at the Ontario House. Local musician Chris Borgatti was playing with a great group (including Pete Heuer, Joe Rosetti Jr, Paul Beringer, and Mike Johnston) on the outdoor patio.

Being outdoors, and with social distancing stated to be enforced, I rolled with it.

Youngstown 14714 Water Tower from Ontario House

It had just rained before we got there, so the temperature had (thankfully) dropped from highs in the mid-90s.

The crowd was as small enough, and we were able to social distance easily. Oddly enough, it felt like a backyard barbecue.

Sheepie at Old Stone Jug. Youngstown, NY
Clearly I was dressed for a backyard barbecue.

Being back to work, this really was a good way to relax after the post-Independence day week. Tucked away in Youngstown with good music, nice people, and an impending torrential downpour.

Chris Borgatti and friends performing at Old Stone Jug

Yup: ten minutes to 10, and the sky opened up. I was one very soaked sheep. Somebody in the background screamed out “wash away the Corona”, which was spot on with the entire feel of this event.

This is our new normal, flock.

-Sheepie ❤

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