F-Bites Oxtail Gumbo Review

Flock, two times this week (by two separate people), I’ve been told to try out F-Bites.

This is weird. F-Bites has been around for over a year, and has been slowly gaining some traction, but I rarely have multiple people tell me to go somewhere.

So naturally, I made my way to 616 Niagara Street.

A little background: F-Bites started off (and still is) a program to teach underprivileged youth and adults in the area hands-on leadership and job skills. The program has actually expanded into a few locations and a food truck, with the location in TReC being the most popular (although the location on Old Falls Street is definitely taking the tourists.

I snuck on over on a rainy Monday, and their “Oxtail Gumbo” immediately piqued my interest.

Flock, if you think it looks amazing, wait until you try it.

The meat is so tender, the gumbo is so rich, and the warmth of it all is fabulous. The attention to detail didn’t go unnoticed, either. The heart of F-Bites is its staff, who are absolutely wonderful. I don’t even have the words to describe how happy the entire experience made me feel.

The fact that it took me a year and two people to nag me to come here is a shame. I’ve been missing out on this for far too long.

So, if you want good food supporting a great mission, you absolutely have to go to F-Bites at 616 Niagara Street.

-Sheepie ❤

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