Last Chance to Explore the Arctic at the old Summit Park Mall

Hey flock! Long time no see.

It’s been almost a year since my last blog post, which is completely by accident. I’ve been exceptionally busy (still am), and I let the blog get away from me a bit.

While I’ve been out and about doing who knows what at this point, I nearly missed Arctic: A Man Under The Ice. That would have been tragic, flock.

Arctic A Man Under the Ice exhibit at NISE Events Center

Closing this weekend (February 5th), Arctic covers the dives of Mario Cyr and his amazing photography.

This is the first exhibition in the newly updated NISE Events Center in the former Summit Park Mall, as well as the first showing of the exhibition in the United States.

Arctic is truly immersive. From replica base camps, Inuit sleds, and massive projector screens, you can truly appreciate the beauty of the landscape and animals of the north.

Large video screen of diver Mario Cyr in Arctic.

I actually spent over two hours roaming the exhibit, with many repeat viewings in the two screen rooms. There are also plenty of smaller screens covering specific topics, including how to evade a diving polar bear, and the distinct sounds of narwhals and beluga whales.

A favorite interactive piece in the exhibit is the water tank replicating the below-freezing temperatures Mario Cyr dove in. While Cyr is able to stay in these waters for hours, I managed to hold my arm in the tube for…32 seconds.

If you get a chance this weekend, head over to the NISE Events Center at 6929 Williams Rd in Wheatfield. If you miss it, you’ll have to head to Toronto for its next stop.

I’m looking forward to see what comes next to the NISE Events Center. The Summit Park Mall is slowly coming back to life, which longtime readers of this blog will probably know is exciting for me in its own right. If Arctic is any indicator, there are going to be some world-class exhibits in this space’s future.

-Sheepie ❤

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