Why I’m thankful for the Canadian skyline


Who needs skyscrapers when your neighbor has you covered?

I haven’t been over to the Canadian side of the Falls in over a decade (I was a kid last time I crossed the border). I didn’t even go over when I turned 19 (I know, right?)

That being said, I, like anybody else in the city of Niagara Falls, NY, am quite familiar with Niagara Falls, CA’s skyline. The enormous towering hotels and casinos can be seen for miles, especially the distinctly shaped Skylon.

At night, the Canadian skyline turns into a glowing beacon. It looks like a city. Of course, our side has the brightest tower of anybody anywhere (I’ll be writing a post about that next month), but Canada does look attractive.

Personally, even as a kid I found the Canadian side to be a bit too kitschy. It all felt overly commercialized, and the American side completely owns the ability to get up close and personal to the majestic Falls.

That being said, the Canadian skyline always represented one thing to me: I was home.

There’s always a moment at the top of the South Grand Island Bridge where I can see it before it disappears behind the trees. My heart skips a beat every time I see the silhouette. Nothing else quite matches that sensation. No matter where I go, no matter what I do, when I catch a glimpse of the Canadian skyline on the horizon, I know that I’m back in NFNY. I’m back to my house. I’m back to my soft bed. I’m back to my delicious food.

So, thank you for your skyscrapers, Canada, and leading me back home.