Kubo and the Two Strings Movie Review

Rating: 9/10

Who will like it: Fans of Japanese culture. Fans of stop-motion. Fans of action-adventure films. Creative people.

2016’s Kubo and the Two Strings is another wonderful film from Laika, the company behind Coraline and Paranorman. This film is their Magnum Opus, a visual stunning, well written, Oscar worthy film.

The film follows Kubo, the son of a dead Samurai who must find three magical pieces of armor to fight his grandfather, who wants to steal is other eye (warning: the film is a tad dark). He teams up with a monkey (played by Charlize Theron) and a beetle samurai (played by Matthew McConaughey) to find the armor, and…just go see it, you don’t need me to spoil it for you.

This film is a fantastically creative film. It is a bit mature, so don’t show your younger kids, but the plus side is that an adult can watch this without finding it boring.

-Sheepie ❤

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