7 Wax Figures that are every Millennial ever


The Niagara Falls Wax Museum of History totally nailed our generation.

7. When your parents won’t stop nagging you


The glazed expression, the slight eye twitch, the white haired bespectacled man hovering grudgingly behind: yep, she’s definitely one of ours!

6. When your friend has to help you back from the club


Because you just had to do tequila shots in a barrel over the Falls, didn’t you?

5. When your friend says the dumbest thing ever


“No, Jessica: I am not dressed as Colonel Sanders.”

4. When you have to get up in an hour


How can you sleep when the French and Indian War is going on outside?

3. When you see your arch nemesis


That glare can cut steel.

2. When a hottie walks by


You’re so glad that your outfits are on point right now.

1. When you’re so done with life


Work has just been a massacre.

If you liked these pics, take a trip to the Niagara Wax Museum of History.