You need to go to the Power Vista right now


It’s scientific, terrific, and everyone’s favorite word: FREE!

If you’ve never been to the New York Power Authority Niagara Power Project Visitors’ Center, aka the Power Vista, you are really missing out.

Even if you’ve been to the Power Vista before, you need to go back right now. The center went through a massive renovation this summer, and let me just say that it is incredible.

First off, you get an RFID card that you get to put your face on. This card keeps track of everything, and is your key to the center.


The Power Vista has been completely overhauled. The crown jewel in the place is the new 4-D simulator ride that puts you through the hydropower process.
You can also watch Tesla and Edison fight in the “War of the Currents” downstairs. I’m not going to spoil that for you: just go see it.

There’s another enormous theater that plays a video on NYPA’s mission. It’s a cute little video, and provides some much needed downtime from all the games.

What games you say? Well, you can build a dam, create a power grid, run the entire New York State grid during a storm, see if you can power a fridge with your puny legs, and even take a shot at running the Niagara Power Project! It is insanely fun.

There’s also a workers’ tunnel that shows the history of the Niagara Power Project. It smells like sawdust and steel, and you really feel like you’re working on the dam!

Of course, the best part of the Power Vista is the namesake view of the Robert Moses Dam and the Lower Niagara River.
So if you haven’t been to NYPA’s Power Vista, you need to go right now. They’re open from 9-5 all week year-round, so head on over!
Address: 5777 Lewiston Road, Lewiston, NY. 14092-2199