Somebody give Mayor Dyster his camel


Zemsky gets all the nice things.

Last week I somehow found myself at Gov. Cuomo’s press conference in Niagara Falls.

One strange part of the entire thing was when Mayor Paul Dyster started to talk about a camel.

See, Dyster was trying to reference the “Three Wise Men of Buffalo” presentation at the governor’s State of the State address. Zemsky, Brown and Poloncarz were photoshopped riding camels, it was great, go find it. I can’t find it, but I’m sure you guys can. It all had to do with bringing Uber (ridesharing) to Upstate New York.

There was another slide in that presentation with Mayor Dyster asking if he could have Zemsky’s camel.

So naturally, in order to introduce Zemsky to the stage last week, Dyster referenced it. Now, Zemsky is not exactly a humorous person, as admitted by the governor.

Mayor, I want you to know your joke didn’t fall on deaf ears. I appreciated it. That’s why I got you a camel.

Okay, I didn’t actually get you a camel. But I drew you on one. Took my all day. It’s got the Niagara Falls seal on it and everything! It’s not Zemsky’s, but the governor promised you that one, too, so we’re good!

Because in all honesty, if there’s one person in Western New York that deserves a camel (real or cartoon), it’s Mayor Paul Dyster.