The Old Falls Street tower war


The two towers fighting for attention on either side of the border.

Old Falls Street is the go-to pedestrian thoroughfare to get to the Falls. It also lines up with two different buildings that act as central beacons.

If you’re walking toward the Falls, directly ahead is the Canadian Skylon Tower. It’s distinct Space Needle-like shape seems to be a popular type for our neighbors to the North (and West, and South: Canada pretty much envelops the area on a map).

Then there’s the view walking toward the city:


That’s the Seneca Niagara Casino and Hotel. It’s massive, and unlike the Skylon, isn’t across any border…well, technically it is, but I’ll cover that this Thursday.

So, how do the two towers compare? Below is the breakdown:

Skylon Tower (Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada)


Height: 520ft (158.5m)
Building type: Observation tower
Material: Concrete
Completed in 1965
Usage: Restaurant and Observatory

Seneca Niagara Casino Tower


Height: 358ft (109m)
Building type: Hotel (lower level connected to casino)
Material: Steel, glass facade
Completed in 2006 (casino inside old Niagara Falls International Convention Center bldg.)
Usage: Hotel
Be sure to come back this Thursday to learn more about the Seneca Niagara Casino and Hotel.