Music Review: “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House


Melancholic church organ?

Crowded House’s 1986 hit “Don’t Dream It’s Over” is one of those songs where you simultaneously smile and cry when listening to it. It’s a sad song that reminds you of the good times.

This song is the end of the road song. It’s the song that plays at the end of a long relationship, it’s the song that plays when you have to move away from home. It’s the song that plays in every memory montage that plays in your head when you’re sad.

The song has that surreal guitar at the beginning, and it just sort of hangs out throughout the song. The 70s church organ makes an appearance in the middle, as if to remind you that you have to be sad.

I don’t hate this song. I actually enjoy this song, but it is soooooooooooooo depressing! Don’t listen to this alone in your dark room (exclusively where I’m at) or you’ll just start crying about that time you dropped that ice cream cone in the 4th Grade and your friend you haven’t seen in years got you a new one.

Grade: B+