Take Back the Night at Niagara U.

Just a heads up: This article references some very serious topics (sexual assault), I’m not a fan of trigger warnings, but seriously: reader discretion is advised. 
Tonight was a massive night at Niagara University.

The second annual Take Back the Night event was help on campus tonight. If you’re not familiar with TBTN, it’s a worldwide movement to bring awareness to sexual assault.

The event was packed. It was the largest event on campus.

The event was quite somber, with one of the speakers telling the heartbreaking (and enraging) story about her own sexual assault survival.

After the speakers, there was a march and a vigil. It was pouring freezing rain during the march, and they gave me a sign to hold. I’m not too good at the whole united protest in harsh conditions, but I give serious props to all the marchers that chanted through the downpour.

I’m proud of Niagara for holding this event. College campuses are not exactly known for being friendly to these events, and Niagara has been exceptional in spreading the messages of the event. Serious props to all those in the school that helped out.

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