Frozen Niagara: Photos


Niagara was hit with a surprise snowfall Friday. It’s not unusual to have snow in April, but considering the temperatures are now reaching into the 60s, it did come as a shock.

Since I assume this will be the last major snowfall of the season, I unpacked my old Olympus camera, and found myself wandering around the frozen campus of Niagara University.

It was cold. Very cold. I feel like the shots I captured were worth it, though. I’m not really a photographer, per se, but I do enjoy playing around with shots. I’m particularly proud of the nature shots.

I uploaded the gallery to my Flickr page. You can view it by clicking the pic below.

Frozen Niagara

I really hope you all enjoy the photos. I had a lot of fun shooting them.

-Sheepie ❤

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