Across the border: I know that building!

Hey flock!

First, bad news: my camera kinda died.

It’s 9 years old, but I never used it. I decided to dig it out of storage for a photo shoot. It worked for a few days, and took some excellent photos, but alas, tis refusing to taketh the photographs.

Of course, before it died, I was able to snap this photo with the zoom:


Now, I took this photo from the third floor of a building at Niagara University. You can see some pretty interesting things when you’re that high up!

What is it? At first, I had no idea. So I used my buddy Google Maps to figure out what I was looking at.

Sure enough, I captured the Adam Beck Pump Generating Plant!

The irony was I was able to snap this pic off after leaving the Power Vista observation deck in a rage with a camera that refused to take anymore pictures.

was trying to take pics of the Adam Beck plant, but that wasn’t happening. It’s crazy that while trying to check the problem, I would capture a shot of the plant farthest away from me.

Speaking of the Adam Beck plant, there’s a lot of history to that site. Come back Monday to learn all about Ontario’s biggest hydropower plant!

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