“Overkill” by Men at Work – Music Review


It’s really sad, but peppy?

Men at Work’s 1983 song “Overkill” is depressing. There’s very few songs that musically can actually make me melancholic. This is one of those songs.

The song is a bit of everything you’d expect from the era. It has a beachy, almost ska guitar, and lots of sax.

The song is actually fairly good. It’s definitely a late-night song. I mean, the first line is “I can’t get to sleep.” The song literally talks about stressing at night. It’s an existential song.

The musical downturn as Colin Hay sings “Ghosts appear and fade away” literally makes you feel his stress.

I love this song, but I can’t stand it. Too depressing. This literally plays in my head when I lie in bed at night stressing.

Grade: B

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