Dead Malls: L.N.C.C. no.1


Hey flock! Welcome to Late Night Cafe Chat #1. Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day!

Tonight’s song is “Move for Me” by Kaskade:

Tonight’s topic: Dead Malls.

Dead Malls are not good for the economy. That being said, they are pretty cool to look at.

The New York Times did an interesting piece on dead malls that I suggest you read. It really gets into the problems these retail meccas are facing in the internet era.

The article points out the site, which is basically a catalog of dead or dying malls around the country. It’s a fantastic site that has helped with my serious nostalgia for Niagara Falls’ old malls.


I keep the coordinates to the Rainbow Centre around my wrist. It has less to do with the mall, and more to do with the Wintergarden. It was such a distinct part of our skyline, and I’ll continue to mourn its loss.

But the mall that really holds a place in my heart is the Summit Mall in Wheatfield, NY. I grew up in that mall, and it shut down before I had a chance to say goodbye. There’s some other things going on there: 2009 was an awful year, but seeing the Summit sit abandoned is a bit of a sore point for me.

I would love to know what you think of the Dead Mall craze. Did any of you ever have a mall you held dear to your heart?

-Sheepie ❤

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