Wonder Falls update: City Council Edition

Uniland Development gave the Niagara Falls City Council an update on the in-the-works Wonder Falls project.

Here’s some quick points:

  • The project is expected to cost $150 million.
  • The project is expected to be the largest project in Niagara Falls.
  • The project is expected to bring in 300,000 people annually.

According to the representative for Uniland, projects like these take a significant amount of time.

The phrase “significant amount of time” was repeated throughout the presentation, which sets up your timeline.

The new update features a “European style” family water park. This includes a giant stone waterfall. 

Looking at the renderings, this is not a project you expect in Niagara Falls. This is a glass goddess carved in aqua and stone. It’s beautiful: I’ll probably be dead by the time it’s built, but it’s beautiful.

Uniland actually applied to speak about this update at the council back in March, which was an interesting new piece of information.

Overall, the new design has a hotel tower on the North end of the building, with the central water park being surrounded by upscale retail.

Uniland gave three reasons why we’re looking at a “significant amount of time”:

  1. Niagara Falls is an unproven market: resistance to investment.
  2. Public-Private partnership (government involvement).
  3. Urban location creates building constraint.

Hearing the update with my own ears, I’m putting my Wonder Falls tracker on the shelf for a while.

When do you think Wonder Falls will be finished? Leave your comments below. Like this article? Be sure to share and subscribe!

-Sheepie ❤

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