Buzzy’s Pizza Review

Buzzy’s Pizza is a Niagara Falls favorite. For this week’s review, I’m looking at their pepperoni tray and their greens and beans.

First thing first: this isn’t a sweet pizza. Some people like sweet pizza sauce, and this is the farthest thing from.

The best way to explain their…everything is salty.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Buzzy’s. It’s just fairly salty. 

The pizza is thin, with a nice oil level to it. It’s a lightly-sauced pizza with a nice layer of cheese.

The greens and beans is rather soupy. A salty base combines witg the greens to create a fair soup. 

Buzzy’s is actually really good, especially their more elaborate creations (hello, taco pizza.)

If you like a New York style pizza, Buzzy’s is a solid choice.

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