It’s time to call some waterparks’ bluffs, Niagara

If you were lucky enough to catch WIVB last night, you already know what I’m about to say. If not, you can watch it here.

If you’ve been following this blog for any period of time, you know I’ve been covering the Wonder Falls project for quite some time.

Since our last update in July, nothing has moved much. Uniland is still attempting to work out the complexity of this project, and I can hear the faint echo of Aquafalls in the wind.

However, we should still be getting a waterpark. I mean, DiCienzo announced he wanted to build one, fought with the state that refused to give him money, and then received a bushel of money from the county. Game on, right?

Nope, in the previously mentioned piece on WIVB, DiCienzo announced that his plans are on hold. Why? Obviously it’s because the state still refuses to give him the money he wanted.

So, let’s evaluate our two big waterpark projects: Wonder Falls is in the “this is going to take a significant amount of time, possibly years” phase of development, while Niagara Daredevil Waterpark appears to be in the “play a game of chicken with the state” phase of development.

I’m calling DiCienzo’s bluff at this point, as I can say with certainty that the state isn’t folding on its stance to give him nothing.

Fun fact I learned today: apparently DiCienzo bid on the Wonder Falls project, but lost out to Uniland. That explains a lot.

I’m not going to call Wonder Falls’ bluff, as I seriously believe it may eventually happen. It’s not happening this decade, but it’ll probably happen.

Now about that Summit Park Mall sportsplex…


-Sheepie ❤

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