“In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins – Music Review


Buh duh. buh duh. buh duh buh duh BUH DUH BAM.

“In The Air Tonight” is Phil Collin’s 1981 debut single.

This song is incredibly minimal. Very minimal instrumentation. There’s really only some drum and Collin’s voice. The lyrics are also fairly minimal.

Then, when you think you’re bored with the song, you get hit with the best drum breakaway ever. It happens so late in the song, and you don’t see it coming. It’s so smooth. It’s flawless. That’s what happens when you let a drummer make a song.

Otherwise, the song is…okay. It’s not terrible, but it’s not great. It’s okay. It’s good to have on in the background.

Grade: B-

4 thoughts on ““In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins – Music Review

  1. Leon says:

    It’s so 80’s and I love that. I also like the darkness of the lyrical content. And the drum breakdown. He’s not the best vocalist per se but I’ve always loved this.

    9/10 – come at me hater.

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