Dr. Pepper is so smooth: L.N.C.C. no.2


Hi flock! Welcome to Late Night Cafe Chat no. 2.

Tonight’s song is “I Remember” by Kaskade and DeadMau5 (I’m on an artist kick apparently):

Tonight’s topic: Soda-pop

This is a heated argument in Western New York. Everyone, everyone around here calls it “pop”. It’s pop! You drink pop!

I am the weird person around here that says “soda”.

I don’t know why it’s weird that I call it soda: everyone outside of the cone of Buffalo calls it soda, but apparently I’m the two-headed sheep.

No matter what you call it, everyone has a favorite.

I notice that Coke always disappears the fastest at parties. I think it’s because it’s the most common soft drink. Ditto with Pepsi.

I’m not actually much of a soda drinker. I’m not one of those health people: I just never found soda particularly wonderful.

That being said, I’m drinking a Dr. Pepper while writing this.

I don’t know if I’d say Dr. Pepper is my favorite: I’m positive that the best soda is whatever Johnnie Ryan is bottling.

Of course, Dr. Pepper is a really good soda. The flavor profile of it is spectacular. It’s not cherry cola, but it’s not cherry soda: it’s cherry something. Cherry Dr. Pepper seems like a mess-up of regular Dr. Pepper.

On a side note, Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers lip balm is the best lip balm. It dyes your lips a bit red, without looking like a gloss or stain. It also smells exactly like Dr. Pepper, which is both scary and awesome.

Of course, I need to know: what kind of soda do you like? I expect a comment telling me Dr. Pepper sucks: I can feel it in my bones. Seriously, what do you like?

-Sheepie ❤

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