Burning incense: dumb things I’ve done in my room

Real talk: I didn’t sleep last night.

Yesterday, I was feeling adventurous. I’d never used incense before, and I heard it was relaxing.

That’s a lie.

That’s a horrible lie.

I have to blame myself. Why I thought Dollar Tree incense would be okay is beyond me. I don’t know what I was thinking. This was dumb. This was really dumb.

Long story short, everything in my room smells like burnt cheap garbage wood. It’s brutal. I can’t really air out the room due to the sandfly epidemic around here, and fans only blow it around.

I can ignore the scent for a while, but if I leave the room, the return whiff is like being punched in the face.

Curse you, hippies. Curse you and your weird pagan voodoo. I should’ve known this was a bad idea.

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