Sam’s Club Coconut Cake Review


Today I’m reviewing the Sam’s Club coconut cake (available in the bakery section.)

This used to be my favorite cake. I’m a superfan of coconut cake, and this one was always really good.

Now, I say used to because they changed the recipe a few years ago, and now it’s collapsed in quality.

The icing is your standard white icing coated in coconut. It’s a bit sweet, but still good. In between the slices of cake is some form of custard, which works okay.

The cake itself is incredibly moist, but has an issue: it’s taste.

Now, it doesn’t seem to hit everyone. One person I know swears that it tastes like nail polish. Others don’t taste it at all. I notice a chemical aftertaste, and I believe it is caused by a flavoring.

See, they definitely flavor the cake with some form of coconut flavoring. It’s not super noticeable until you’re done eating it. The flavor comes off somewhere between coconut sugar perfume and movie theatre butter, and it’s quite off-putting.

If you’re looking for a good coconut cake, I’d pass on this one. Although it looks pretty (it’s fantastically designed), the taste leaves a lot to be desired.

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