Happy Monday: have some French music!


I know people can’t stand Mondays. They start the workweek, end the weekend, and are just all-around poo poo.

Let’s change that!

I stumbled across the bubbliest, happiest thing ever: 1930s-1940s French Chansons.

(THE VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED BY YOUTUBE: YOU CAN GET THE CD HERE: https://www.pastperfect.com/Detail.aspx?itemid=64)

This music is so airy and light: it’s fantastic Parisian fun. I swear you will be singing “Toi Et Moi” during your 2:30 cup of coffee.

I’ve been listening to this on a loop, and it heavily influenced the poster you can see at the top, “Le Mouton et Le Sphinx” (which I can proudly say uses “Niagara Solid” font). I actually really like this poster: my friends can expect it to be plastered all over the place.

I hope all of you enjoy your week. Hopefully the music can take you far away from any worries.

-Sheepie ❤

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