Review: “High Water” by Christina Custode pulls music out of its abyss


I’m switching it up again this week, flock. I’m reviewing a local-turned national hit from today.

I was lucky enough to win Christina Custode‘s new single “High Water”, and it does not disappoint.

If you’ve read any of my review before, you know how picky I am about vocalists. I’m specifically picky about how vocals are mixed: it’s my view that vocals should flow seamlessly with the music.

Both Custode’s voice and mixing is completely on point.

The soft, 90s era easiness to this song makes it ridiculously addicting. It is the song that plays in your pickup truck traveling down a road in the farmland. It’s calming, uplifting and just plain incredible.

There’s been a serious lack of light music lately on the scene. The negative key has swallowed music into a melancholic abyss. Christina Custode pulls us out of this abyss.

The chorus, “Come hell or high water, we’re gonna make it out of here,” might be the perfect motto to push me through my life right now. That’s not some blown out extrapolation: I literally live by doing things “come hell or high water”. This might be the most uplifting song of this decade, and it came out of someone in my backyard.

I have an airplane playlist: a set explicitly made to keep me calm (an prevent my ridiculous motion sickness from acting up) when I’m flying. It’s a blend of oddities like Katie Melua and Diego Torres. I can assure you I’m adding “High Water” to that playlist.

I actually found myself singing this far after I listened to it for the review. That rarely happens. Somebody needs to give Christina Custode a Grammy.


Grade: A+

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