7 important numbers behind the Hotel Niagara restoration

The Art-Deco era hotel in Niagara Falls, NY is about to go through a massive makeover. Here are the seven numbers you should know about the project.



The Hotel Niagara was completed in 1925, at the peak of the Art-Deco era. During its long tenure as the hotel of Niagara Falls, the likes of Marilyn Monroe and President John F. Kennedy stayed there (though not necessarily at the same time).




As of publication, the Hotel Niagara has been vacant for 11 years. The harsh winters have done a number to the hotel, although much of the original Art Deco design is still intact.



New York State purchased the Hotel Niagara from its previous owners in 2016 for the reported number of $4,400,000. They immediately released a request for proposals on redevelopment.



New York State sold the hotel to Brine Wells Development for a reported $1. Brine Wells Development is known for its work on the Hotel Syracuse, which was constructed in the same era.




Brine Wells development plans to spend $42,000,000 redeveloping the hotel. The hefty price tag directly ties into the fact that the building sits on the National Register of Historic Places, and plans for redevelopment include a full restoration of key areas of the building to its gilded glory. According to an unidentified source, this budget is double what a previous developer (who allegedly backed out) was planning.




Plans call for 130 upscale hotel rooms, as well as convention space, restaurants, and the legendary rooftop bar.




If all goes according to plan, the Hotel Niagara will be reopened in 2019. Plans are already coming together, with ink drying on contracts. Brine Wells Development is certain that it can make this deadline.


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