Mailing Niagara: The Hotel Niagara

Hey flock! This week’s Mailing Niagara postcard is the highlight of the downtown core. That’s right, we’re talking about the Hotel Niagara.

Completed in 1925, The Niagara is quite possibly the most famous hotel in the Cataract City (at least of the ones still currently standing). The Art Deco era masterpiece is currently being renovated in a very exciting project.

DocFile (7)DocFile (8)

This postcard, postmarked August 1928, show the grandeur of the era. Who wouldn’t want to pull up to the magnificent Niagara in one of those quaint cars?

Next week, we’ll take a look inside the Hotel Niagara, with a rather odd postcard from the era. Cocktails, anyone?

Every Monday this month, we’re sharing a unique postcard from Niagara’s past, along with some of the history behind the image.

-Sheepie ❤

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